And be you blithe and bonny

Converting all your sounds of woe/to hey nonny nonny

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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all that jazz, ballet (i-used-to-rock), books about everything, chicago that toddlin' town, compulsive liars, csi, daniel aka josh rosenthal, draco malfoy, english class with crnkovich, fanfiction, fashion, film school dropouts, french things, gambit and his cards, geeks, god, gypsy rose lee (louise!), harry potter, hey look over there, is-this-a-kissing-book?, jake (always and forever), jews, kissing in slow motion, life, little shop of horrors, love changes everything, margaret atwood, men in kilts, michael palin is-my-boyfriend, minor characters, musical theatre, newsies, nightmare before christmas, parade, peace mercutio peace!, poetry by my teachers, point of contention, pretentious wit, pwnage, ralph wiggum peed-his-pants, rare pairings, rocky horror picture show, ron weasley, rping instead of homework, sailors, save the drama (for-your-momma), sex, shhhh...he's listening, shut up-and-go away, singing in the rain, slash, tap your feet, that one boy, the 80s, the history boys, the office, the scottish play, theatre, this is urinetown, thomas aquinas (for-a-consult), writing, your momma
her name was mallory. she was twenty-two years old. she was an english major with an almost sickening love for all things verbose and descriptive. she was from chicago, illinois, and she couldn't imagine ever living anywhere else (although london was calling). she wished she had shiksappeal. she loved film and secretly desired to go to film school. she couldn't live without the theatre, especially her beautiful theater company. she loved to eat, maybe a little too much. she couldn't comprehend where people got that idea that she was a therapist, although judging from the amount of time she listened to and fixed her friends problems, it could be reasonably assumed. she was obsessed by the internetz and loved her fandoms well. she wanted, she really, really did, to find something to contribute to the world. that's why she wanted to write, she thought.

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